Azrail at Oculus Connect 5

I’ll be heading to San Jose in just a few hours to Oculus Connect 5! I can’t wait to put some faces to names. I’m really looking forward to your demos!

I’m bringing some “spare” Oculus Touch control wrist straps. These are straps that I made for myself as I didn’t like the way the thin cord felt on my wrist. These are what I call “hair tie comfortable”. If you need a set, even if it’s just to be able to tell your controls apart from another persons feel free to DM me at @Azrail13 or email me at¬†and I’ll drop straps off at your booth or demo station! You can probably find me hovering around the Indie Lounge, or wherever there are mimosas being served.


Safe travel everyone!

PS. Invite me to cool parties.