Site Update: Adding Resources and Assets for VR applications

This site will soon be featuring assets for VR applications. Most of these will be 3D models in .obj and .fbx formats. These assets will be optimized for applications like Tvori, Virtual Desktop, VR Chat, AltSpaceVR, and more. You will even be able to use them in your Oculus Home (Rift Core 2.0 allows importing custom objects).

We will also be featuring artworks from TiltBrush, Google Blocks, Gravity Sketch, Tvori and many others.

If you have models, artworks, or free assets you would us to host or link, please email
Also, if you have a VR application you would like to see resources / assets for, please let us know! The list is rather limited, but it will grow.

I haven’t been modeling for very long, and I’m still learning newb stuff, but I have some assets so far. I’ll have descriptions next to each asset, along with where it can be downloaded, and what is made for. More resources coming soon…