Paul Simon & Penguins in VR Help Treat Burn Victim

This is an older video. It comes from 2008. We see a game called “Snow World”. It actually reduced the pain felt on a rather remarkable scale. It also increased level of comfort… and it was fun! Worth a watch!

With a growing opioid epidemic, VR comes in with answers! Why get addicted to narcotics when you can just play immersive video games instead? This tech has helped everyone from surgery patients, to kids getting shots. It’s shown to work, and it’s only a little habit forming. Just kidding, it’s probably not. Maybe it’s just me?

It’s going to be really exciting to see what developers come up with as the VR medical field continues to grow at a rapid pace. We’ve already seen VR hospital wings spring up, and I hope to some in the United States soon. Here is a great clip put out by The Medical Futurist showingthat gives us better idea of what is in the works.