Feel Three : Virtual Reality Motion Simulators

Feel Three is funded on Kickstarter! I caught up with Mark from Feel Three at Oculus Connect 5. What an amazing guy. Really, I must say one of my favs in the community thus far. If you want in on this cool simulator and now is a great time. Check out the Indiegogo page here!

Here is a more updated look from the Feel Three youtube.


It’s not a giant hamster ball and it’s not a toy. It’s a huge step forward in virtual reality innovation and it’s worth a good look. Movement in Vr can be tricky as it can cause motion sickness in some players, and one way that we can help that is with motion simulation. The team at Feel Three is making science out of this new tech. If you are a VR junky, it’s time to throw down some of that sweet sweet kickstarter money. But first, let’s check out what the team at Feel Three is doing. Spoiler alert: I already want it.

View the website here: FeelThree.com
Also check out the Feel Three twitter @FeelThree