Google Blocks Review

Google Blocks was something I had to download to my Oculus library when my Medium app stopped working. Re-installing, and switching out of Rift 2.0 didn’t help and I was falling pretty behind on making assets for a VR project. I decided to go ahead and give Blocks a try. Let me tell you, this neat little piece of modeling software is “more than meets the eye” so to speak. At first it may seem overly simple, but it’s actually rather powerful. You can select vertices and make some really amazing low-poly assets and they import directly into Unity. Just drag and drop your model after you’ve downloaded it. You can even publish your creations and let other artists remix your creations. My son had so much fun in Blocks. My Google Poly page is now serving as “moms virtual refrigerator art repository” as well as a small stash spot for game assets.

I’m actually considering making and a casual aquarium game or maybe an infinite runner made from assets I plan to build in Blocks. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a tutorial soon, keep an eye out for that! Until then, have fun modeling in VR. I know I am!